While playing Mega Force missions, more specifically, Red Bull Missions, mostly executives of the Val Shark Army and sometimes unaffiliated entities that are different from the Val Shark grunts or many other enemies that show up to attack players. These enemies, if defeated, are added into the Wanted List.

Getting Started

Before starting to hunt Val Shark executives, players need to reach at least Single Fighter to unlock the Wanted List by talking to Zenjiro in Spin Square.

After arresting a certain amount of executives and reaching a certain rank, Zenjiro will expand your Wanted List Lv.

The Maximum Wanted List Lv. is 4.

Criminals appear in every single Red Bull Mission, with a few exceptions.

Most of these enemies have powerful attacks and high defense, not to mention, most of them will block most of the attacks that players might do to them.

If players want to get the harder criminals for their Wanted List, they should bring range Accessories and weapons like Bombs.

A well known strategy is to bring the Power Arms Accessory, and spam the Hold Weak Attack. This will stun the enemies ignoring any defense. However, players need to stay sharp at any time in case enemies escape the "clapping".

Another strategy is to jump in the back of the enemies and spam infinite combos. Since NPCs will not block any attack from the back, obviously. Again, players need to be careful in case enemies turn around to face the player and attack them.

Some enemies might have Super Armor and none of these strategies will work, an option for these treats is to bring the Laser Cannon weapon or any other weapon that deals continuous damage.

Criminal List


"97 Current Criminals with Very Hard Difficulty Story Mission update."

Most criminals appear as either bosses, or as a hindrance during Red Bull missions and will run if not dealt with after a while. There are a few rare ones however, that doesn't appear at just about any stages, or rarely appears at United Front Area.

Special Criminals


Mollet Set 1 Mission "Secret Activities of the Mysterious Organization" (Very Easy), "Killing Machine" (Very Easy)
Roque Set 1 Mission "Rampage in the Dark" (Very Easy), "Secret Activities of the Mysterious Organization" (Normal)
Berserk ` Set 1 Mission "Smart Attack - Mega Force HQ!" (Normal), "Anti-Val Shark Emergency Conference" (Hard)
Oina ` Set 1 Mission "Rampage in the Dark" (Very Hard)
Izo Set 1 Mission "Killing Machine" (Normal)
Deinarind ` Set 1 Mission "Unveiled Ambition" (Normal), "Investigating Great Avyon" (Hard/Very Hard)
Sorceror Iruno ` Set 1 Mission "Smart Attack - Mega Force HQ!" (Very Hard)
Danny John Special Mission "Truth behind the Rumor!"
Lieutenant Murder` Zenjiro Mission "Save Linda!"
Riadeco Set 1 Mission "Decisive Attack! Val Shark's Fortress" (Normal)
Towa Set 1 Mission "Smart Attack - Mega Force HQ!" (Very Easy)
Dalix Set 1 Mission "Investigating Great Avyon" (Very Easy)
Beth ` Set 1 Mission "Decisive Attack! Val Shark's Fortress" (Hard)
Upper Sorcerer Ponse ` * Set 1 Mission "Unveiled Ambition" (Very Hard), "Decisive Attack! Val Shark's Fortress" (Very Hard)
Dangerous Ted ` Set 1 Mission "Decisive Attack! Val Shark's Fortress" (Very Hard)
Command Gearª Set 2 Mission "Visitors from Another Universe" [Can't be taken down], "Battle at Military Base"
Megandroff ɑ (Alpha)ª Set 2 Mission "Delta Attack -Bay Bridge-"
Megandroff β (Beta)ª Set 2 Mission "Delta Attack -Terminal Point-"
Gigandroff Rª Set 2 Mission "The Truth Revealed"
Grim` Zenjiro Mission "Save Bafabon!"
Fractalus` Set 2 Mission "The truth of Superweapon" [Can't be taken down], "Missing Intentions"
Emperor of Sorcery, Gigandroff`† Mission Rank 4+ (Not counting Story Missions) with CS Chan's Quest.
Fortress Set 1 Mission "Decisive Attack! Val Shark's Fortress" (Easy onwards)
Dangerous Bob (Rank A)` * Set 1 Mission "Decisive Attack! Val Shark's Fortress" (Very Easy, Easy)
Dangerous Bob (Rank S) * Set 1 Mission "Decisive Attack! Val Shark's Fortress" (Normal onwards), Rare Mission "True Devil!"
Omusa Dragon Rare Mission "No Trespassing!"
Delta Commandª Set 2 Mission "Individual Justice"
Ancient Dragoon` Zenjiro Mission "Save Dr. Diaper!"
  • ` = Never appears at UFA.
  • ª = Never appears at UFA, BUT appears at Zen's Mission "Defend Megaforce HQ!".
  • † = Kawase's former spot. He only appears both at UFA, and at Hard Mission "Killing Machine" now.
  • = It is worth noting that while these identical counterparts are the same albelt for the body difference, their stats are not the same at all, hence the reason why they have a separate wanted list.
    • Dangerous Bob's original has more health and damage compared to his weaker counterpart. He also tends to use his special more often on lower health.
    • Higher Sorcerer Ponse uses another kind of fire ability that hits farther rather than upper, block and counter commonly and tends to use meteor more often at lower health than his weaker counterpart


If you talk to Zenjiro after arresting a certain ammount of enemies, he will give you special rewards:



10 Criminals 20 Magnum, 1,000 Win
20 Criminals Cardboard Box, 2,000 Win
30 Criminals 20 Rifle, 3,000 Win
40 Criminals Amped Cardboard, 4,000 Win
50 Criminals 5,000 Win
60 Criminals Zen Card, 6,000 Win
70 Criminals Zen Card, 100 Quadruplex Ninja Stars, 7,000 Win
80 Criminals Zen Card, 8,000 Win
90 Criminals General Card x3, 9,000 Win
100 Criminals ???, 10,000 Win


At certain locations in Red Bull or UFA, you will encounter foes you don't usually see, even though they are not inside wanted criminals.

Special Criminals


Val Head A/B/C/D Standard goons.
Val Omega A/B/C Thougher version of Val Heads.
Val Jack Jumps and kicks.
Val Puncher Punches with Impact Gloves.
Val Golden 12/24K Shows up in Linda Mission, Zen Mission and UFA. Wears a Bomber Gear accessory.
Val Gorilla (A/B) Gorilla A always use Flamethrower; B always have Boomerang and Great Sword.
Val Leader (A/B) Leader B always has an axe.
Kawase UFA and Set 1 Mission "Killing Machine" (Hard), has Fire Cross that can form a star shape as "Normal" Special.
Masked Man (Alternate) Only in New Set 1 Mission, fights like Bon Seagal from Tutorial.
Apostle Zero Only in New Set 1 Mission (Very Hard), is an albino recolor of the activated accessory "Ghastly Colossus".
Gear S-1 (Raid Body) Carries Remote Demolisher, only leaves Float Mines. Can be seen Black.
Gear S-2 Nothing, Can be seen Green.
Gear S-3 Carries MF-AR2, but mostly fires 1 bullet like Force Remover. Can be seen Black.
Gear S-4 Carries Electro Device, fires 2 kinds of electric ball. Can be seen Purple.
Gear S-5 Carries Raging Giga Drill, attacking with it and leaving mines like Roque. Can be seen Black.
Gear S-6 Wields a rifle that has a huge knockback and range, aside from hitting with nothing up close. Can be seen Black with Green Target Visor.
Gear M-1 (Power Body) Nothing, Can be seen Green.
Gear M-2 Carries MF-AR2, often using the Hold Strong move (which last longer than original). Can be seen Green.
Gear M-3 Carries Graviton Cannon -Black-. Has the ability to fire a 360 Degrees with Strong Jump. Can be seen Blue.
Gear M-4 Carries Alchemical Metal. Can fire multiple thunder orbs that homes. Can be seen Blue.
Gear M-5 Carries Photon Riser. Its Jump Special does not send you flying. Can be seen Blue.
Gear L-1 (Heavy Body) Nothing, Can be seen Green.
Gear L-2 Carries Tyransthal, and is heavy. Can be seen Blue.
Gear L-3 (Cannot be obtained as NPC in Dojo) Appears unarmed, but can fire missiles like Ignition Chaser. Is superarmored, and can be seen Purple.

Accessory User

Some Criminals/NPCs carries an accessory commonly found at other players with them, though they are mostly with different moveset. (Look above for Knightgear NPCs)




Val Puncher Impact Gloves
Val Gorilla MF Protector (Val Shark Variant) Does not attack with the accessory.
Kawase Fire Cross Smashes the ground with a fire explotion with his Special.
Mollet Ardent Hammer Only has the slow hammer chain moveset.
Teko Taekwondo Cross
Shino Ninja Nova (Black)
Roque Powerful Drill (Red) Frequently plant Drill Mines. Rarely attacks.
Manimani, Joyken Spiked Shoes (Blue for Joyken)
Margaret, Shuta Beam Knife Although they carry this acc, they never use it.
Corneille Basho Fan Last Weak always ends with a small tornado
Blade Axel Blade Can only mostly do Dash and Hold Strong attacks.
Akonil Amigo Club
Raitan Thunder Tambourine
Elec Distortion Guitar
None Holler Garuda Wings Has different moveset, always glide to one place on moving.
Howard Power Arms
Erinea Cursed Cross Has an exclusive moveset.
Justine Justice Cape Has a unique Jump Special, which is not possible on the original accessory.
Izo Venom Rod Able to leave a puddle of venom on ground. Has different Special.
Donky, Danny John Grenade Pouch
Ringer, Ringy Grappling Arm Uses their own special attack.
Baahn Ninja Gauntlet Has a Unique Standing and Jump Special attack, Flame Burst.
MaiMai Lion Mask Uses her own unique moveset.
Lieutenant Murder Brave Bayonet Uses his own unique Standing special.
Ushio Chinese Spear Has a unique moveset.
Spin Jack Taekwondo Cross (Purple) Most of his moveset are not related to his accessory.
Riadeco Titan Device (Carmine) Becomes superarmored while in Titan state.
Maxwell Elemental Bangle His special can reach far to targets.
Dalix Shadow Elemental Bangle (No official name) His special can reach far to targets and inflict curse.
Zanki Umbrella -Savage Moon- (Activated) Always appear in activated state.
Towa Innocent Words Uses some moveset similar to Witches broom, with some of her own unique.
Digital Ogre, Digital Demon Demon Horns (No official name)
Digital Satan Great Horn
Dangerous Boboi Demon Horns (Black) (No official name) Most of his attacks are powered up versions of Boboi's.
Command Gear MF-AR2, Espada Energia Always hold accessory as if hes using Wind Cross
Grim Mephisto Folter (Activated) Most of its moveset are not related to its accessory.
Fortress Electro Device Able to attack as melee, slowed version of Espada Energia.
δ (Delta) Command Metamorphic Saber Able to do ice version of Fire Cross' Super.
Ancient Dragoon Itself (Guardian Dragon)
Apostle Zero Itself (Ghastly Colossus)
Berserk Crimson Camellia Most of his attacks are single combo hitters that downs struck targets easily.
Dangerous Ted Butcher Knife The range on his attack is huge, unlike the original.
Deinarind Murky Auger Idle stance is the same as Enchanter, even though originally the accessory changes idle stance.
Beth Havoc Vulcan
Sorcerer Iruno Forceful Design (Brown Staff) Holds like Lichten Warter. Only uses Earth-based attacks which have huge range.


Wanted Criminals


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