Street fight is a Game Mode up to 20 players maximum where they can fight each other. Access can be gained by talking to L.J. after competing GAT for the first time.

Players can get special ranks and rewards from L.J. depending on the number of kills and score you get in the street fight. Street fight is also used by GM's to host special events such as "Enemy Invations", where Players need to kill special NPCs or simply take down the GM's for a prize.


Stage Available? Feature
Available Buildings with indestructible water Tank
Available Hills with possible ring outs, has yellow trampolines
Prime Market
Not Available Prime Market with indestructible Mega Draws
Not Available (Available in only "distributor"-run Server) Festival Market with 1 indestructible Taiko Drum

United Front Area

United Front Area is a Game Mode up to 20 players maximum where they duke it out against the Val Sharks in Spin Square. It becomes automatically accessible after the first visit to Mega Force HQ.

The amount of VAL Sharks appearing will depend on how many players are present. (Every new player addition increases the NPC spawn limit; NPC spawn limit starts off at 4 for only 1 player presence.)

S-Rank Criminals spawns are rare, meaning that NPCs like Omusa Dragon or Dangerous Bob will spawn even if there's one player inside a room. Other types of NPCs can spawn as well, like Val-Goldens or elusive NPCs such as Kawase. He cannot be added into the wanted list (used to be able to, as a A-Rank Criminal).

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