Secret Style to manipulate others with speed and technique.

Attack Moveset

Attack Command Attack Name Effect Additional Properties
Weak Combo Secret Combo Quick jabs with fist, followed by a turning kick.
Weak Last Hand Sword Strikes with a hand as if its a sword.
Strong Combo Foot Sweep Sweeps legs with a foot.
Strong Last Somersault Kick upwards with a somersault, sending them upwards.
Step Attack Razor Chop Swift strike with a chop.
Weak Dash Spinning Kick Strikes with a large chop. Hits twice.
Strong Dash Counter Chop Quickly strike with a leg, hopping backwards if hit connects. Hits twice.
Weak Jump Jumping Kick Does as what the name says, kick in air.
Strong Jump Jumping Savate Rotates while kicking, striking twice if hit connects.
Standing/Jumping Special Spinning Chop Delivers a large chop after a jump, sending them flying.
Standing/Jumping Super Spinning Chop Delivers a somersault, followed by the above description. Has the same name as above.
Counter Savate Turns around and directly delivers a swift kick.

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