Spin Square is one of the few room you have access to as starters, and as the name implies, its a large park to hang around.


Several notable NPCs can be seen here, along with many other random NPC Visitor.

  • Sparks
  • Assistant Carlson
  • Bafabon
  • L.J.
  • Mr. Points
  • Zenjiro
  • Jorondo (after attaining Single Fighter)
  • Lilio (after using Mix Machine 10 times and cutscene)
  • GM (during April Fools)
  • Hanabi (during Summer)
  • Berg (during Anniversary)


  • Spin BB, where people post threads and responses. Not all server have this feature on.
  • Store, where you can sell items if you have the stall for it.
  • ??
  • View Ranking, where you can view the rankings of everything.


One of the NPC, Bafabon, can be talked to after clearing any of Dr. Diaper's mission to get the mission. Thereafter, he can be talked to for adding skills related to his mission in the dungeons, which are particular useful for the said mission.

Sometimes when you talked to him, he will request for a specific item of a certain level. Depending on what you picked and gave, he will give you something in return. However, on rare cases, he will have lost that said item and instead will either give you a sand used for core accessory creation, or a random golden souvenir 'from Avyon'.

Mr. Points Dice Spin

Every day after your time, you can speak to Mr. Points to spin a dice once a day. Clearing the board rewards you with 5 Lucky Coin, and is repeatable.
Icon Type Name Effect
Start/Goal Start/Goal Earn 5 lucky coins after reaching here, also the starting point. Leftover move will not be carried over
Dice Icon Dice Roll Lets you roll the dice again
Tissue Icon Depressing Reward Gives you a Tissue furniture
Win Icon Win Boost Gives a Win bonus rate.
! Icon Chance Pick a card out of three.
Score Icon Score Boost Gives a Score bonus rate.
Star Icon Experience Boost Boost Experience rate for styles by 2.
Lucky Coin Icon Lucky Coin Panel Gives 5 lucky coins if you land here.

If you land on the chance panel, you will pick one of three card. They are all randomized.

Icon Type Name Effect
Dice Dice Roll Roll the Dice again.
Gun Weapon Gives a random weapon
Fist NPC Battle Battles certain NPC. Can pick either strong or weak.
Lucky Coin Lucky Coin Gives 5 Lucky Coin.


NPC Battle
  • 2x Dee
  • 1x Dum
  • Jorondo
  • Gray Ponte
  • Ushimaru
  • Fever
  • Ikyu
  • Margaret


  • Colonel Murder
  • Mike
  • Gyaban
  • Boboi
  • Jolly
  • Roger
  • Boboi
  • Dangerous Boboi


Icon Name Comment
Lucky Coin (x5) Earned by landing in a Lucky Coin panel, a "!" panel and choosing a Lucky coin card or reaching the goal.
Moisturizing Tissue Earned by landing in a Tissue box panel.
Refreshing Tissue
Airy Tissue
WIN 10%
WIN +10% Earned by landing in a Win icon panel, bonus lasts 2 hours.
WIN 30%
WIN +30%
WIN 50%
WIN +50%
Score +10% Earned by landing in a Score icon panel, bonus lasts 2 hours.
Score +30%
Score +50%
Expert Style Bonus Earned by landing in a Exp icon panel, bonus lasts 2 hours.
Random Weapon Earned by landing in a "!" panel and choosing a Weapon card or a Battle challenge card.


In some servers, store are available to use in selling of your own inventory of items. How many items you can set on depends on what store you are using to sell items. US does not have this feature as of yet.

There are taxes that are deducted from every item that you sold to other players.

Icon  Name  Amount of items sellable.
Street Store 6 Slots
Market Store 30 Slots
Giant Store 60 Slots

What can be sold in store:

  • All materials
  • All furniture
  • All weapons
  • Core accessory (only those with your name. Used to be able to sell any accessory.)


Icon Name Price
Sand of Star ___ W / 5 C
4000-year old medicine ___ W
Magical Gold Dust ___ W / 50 C
Unicorn Powder 100 C

In certain times of the year, Lilio will ask for help to learn more about Wingdom and some of the festivals they celebrate, or helping her out with some problems by getting her either Guidebooks, or certain items for it. In exchange for them, she will reward them with a random items from the list of prizes she can give, some rarer than others.

Material Trading

You can trade materials with Assistant Carlson.

Icon Name Trade
Power Type
Amped Turtle
Amped Turtle 5 Mars Cacti
Cockatrice Egg
Cocatris' Egg 5 Amped Turtles
Great Squid Leg
Great Squid's Leg 5 Cocatris Eggs
Flesh of Mammoth
Flesh of Mammoth 5 Great Squid's Legs
Fiery Ingot
Fiery Ingot 5 Fiery Ores of Sun
Red jewel
Impacted Jewel 1 Roze Quartz, 1 Carnelian, 1 Ruby
Trick Type
Peacock Feather
Peacock's Feather 5 Butterfly Wings
Bloody Bat Wing
Bloody Bat Wing 5 Peacocks Feathers
Pirate Propeller
Pirate's propeller 5 Bloody Bat Wings
Moa Moa Bird Wing
Moa-Moa Bird Wings 5 Pirate's Propellers
Freezing Ingot
Freezing Ingot 5 Freezing Ores of Comet
Blu jewel
Tricked Jewel 1 Aquamarine, 1 Lapis Lazuli, 1 Sapphire
Life Type
Rich Honey
Rich Honey 5 Avyon Water
Radical Vitriol
Radical Vitriol 5 Rich Honey
Daigokuin Sake
Daigokuin Sake 5 Radical Vitriol
Active Mercury
Active Mercury 5 Daigokuin Sake
Stormy Ingot
Stormy Ingot 5 Stormy Ores of Jupiter
Grn jewel
Solid Jewel 1 Peridot, 1 Jade, 1 Emerald
Rafflesiales' Petal 5 Green Tea
Mandragora 5 Rafflesiales' Petals
Hsien's Peach 5 Mandragora
4000 year-old medicine 5 Sands of Star
Magical Gold Dust 5 4000 year-old medicine
Rainbow Butterfly 5 Magical Gold Dust
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