Shooting Style.

Balanced in both power and technique.

Attack Moveset

Attack Command Attack Name Effect Additional Properties
Weak Combo Boxer Combo Boxing style with fists.
Weak Last / Counter Finishing Blow Finishing with a standing uppercut.
Strong Combo Powerful Blow Punches up with a fist, sending them up.
Step Attack Smash Straight Quick strike with a palm.
Weak Dash Drop Kick Strikes quickly with a fist.
Strong Dash Palm Rush Uppercut foes upwards.
Weak Jump Smash Slap Slaps with palm on air.
Strong Jump Finishing Jump Hovers for a few second just to strike with both leg.
Standing Special Smash Upper Turns around very quickly to launch an uppercut, sending them flying upwards. Invincible on Startup.
Standing Super Spin Upper Same as above, but strikes twice instead (Normal unrecoverable, then sending them flying up).

Soldier lends itself to being an offensive style. While not able to move fast or take hits for days, Soldier makes up for it in having both high STR and TEC, lending them to be able to do high damage with most any accessory or weapon. They lack in SPD and DEF however, so caution is advised in how one plays.

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