Pitch Black Cloud is a mission available from the Mysterious Priest at Mora Shrine. Once you have donated 10 Lucky Coins (or don't) and have reached Warrior Rank, he will request the player during their next visit to "investigate the case of missing people" without them realizing they are being sent as guinea pigs for his experiement. Players can get a Evil Star in higher ranks.

Getting started

At the start of the mission, the players will appear on the ruins, with Sorcerer Ponse sitting on top of the ruin doing "strange moves" to summon creatures from the netherworld while he prepares his spell. Players have to either defeat those summoned creatures, or wait for him to complete his spell before defeating them as he finds it pointless to summon anymore of them after .

Depending on how many creatures were defeated, their deaths empowers the huge creature that Ponse was attempting to gather from their power. The more its defeated, the more powerful the creature known as Ammonus will become.


As mentioned, at the end of the assault, Sorcerer Ponse summons Ammonus, along with any energy that were collected from slain monsters into it. Depending on how many of them were defeated, it becomes stronger.

If he summoned a Red or Greater variant, it will have additional moveset, especially one at 50% health.


It's highly recommended to bring Accessories with the skill Healing for Winners, since most of the enemies are easy to kill and players need to kill as many enemies as possible to get a good Rank. Alternatively, accessory that has abilities to drain HP (and MP if neccessary), or Inherits from Sacrifice Reaper will do as well.

It's also recommended to bring Bombs or similar weapons to avoid crowds of enemies to surround you or your teammates.

A total of 99 enemies will spawn in this part of the mission.

Monster List

Monster Name
Dark/Blood/Normal Meeya
Lesser Ammonus (Boss Rank F-D)
Red Ammonus (Boss Rank C-B)
Great Ammonus (Boss Rank A-S)
Mission Types
Red Bull | Fabrico |

Mysterious Priest | Bafabon (1) (2) | Dr. Diaper | Linda Bobo | Zenjiro