My Room Icon My Room is the very first place the player will be able to go into after doing the Tutorial. Serves as the player's very own place where they can hang out with other players.

Within this place, players have access to the following functions:

Message Board

Where visitors can leave comments on the room.

Players can delete comments, block users, or check their profile by clicking on their comment.

It also features a Visitors History to check who visited the room and a Friend List, which can be configured to allow certain people to look at it.

Skin Editor

Where players can do their own Skins. See Character Customization.

It features a function that allows players to Try on the skin while inside the room.

The Skin Editor also has a function which allows players to chat while editing a skin.

My Room Setting

Players can adjust the room/skin editor background color, set permissions for what group of people can comment on the Room Message Board or allow entry to the Room itself and set a Room Profile comment.


Players can edit the room with furnitures, or change the room completely. See Furniture for details on each room and furniture.

Although each room has a limit of how many furnitures can be placed, this limit can be enlarged by buying upgrades on the Prime Market.

A few furnitures feature certain functions of their own which allows the player to have even more customization options.

Edit Canvas

This function allows players to create pictures and decorate the room with it. Only available after obtaining a 'Picture Frame' or 'Whiteboard' furniture.


A music synthesizer that allows players to edit music and save them in a .gam format. Only available after obtaining a KDJ-Plus furniture. These can also be played in Cosmic Break.

Skin Mannequin

Players can use their own skins as furniture. Only available after obtaining a "Amped Mannequin" furniture.


Where players can claim Log-in Presents daily.

Players can also trade Calendar Points for different Rewards, these vary from server to server.

Each day, Players can earn 5 Calendar Points by just logging into the game, playing a GAT match, a Mega Force mission, a Duel Battle and playing Street Fight. Additional points can be earned if other players visit the room.

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