Mega Force HQ is one of the few places the player have access to when starting a new account, and as the name implies, its a large headquarter where missions are prepped and waiting. This is accessible after the cutscene in Spin Square and Sparks talking to the player in My Room thereafter.

When the player first enters, Red Bull will ask to help Wingdom. Refusing will prevent the player to continue on and he will ask to rethink and come back. Accepting will allow the player to enter the place.


Several notable NPCs can be seen here, along with helpers.

  • Red Bull (Often gives Emergency Orders, also the leader of Mega Force)
  • Intrepid Operator (Lets players replay Story Missions, provided they already cleared the set. See Megaforce Missions for details.)
  • Fabrico
  • Mike (Trades weapons, sometimes ask for help on Awful Rumors.)
  • Operator Trainee (Greets player, asks if players want to create guild.)
  • Johnny Dan (Talks about Colonel Murder.)


  • Guardian Lobby, where missions are held.
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