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This section of the wiki is dedicated to the items that you normally find around GAT Stages and Megaforce Missions.


Picture Name  Uses Location Spawn-able by player?


Speed Potion
Speed Potion (Light blue) Boost SPD temporarily Many. Yes (Gambler's Strong Hold), Treasure Key (Strong Hold))
Strength Potion
Strength Potion (Yellow) Boost STR temporarily Many. Yes (Gambler's Strong Hold), Treasure Key (Special))
Healing Potion (Blue) Heals 20% of your health, 3 uses Many. Yes (Gambler's Strong Hold)
Red Healing Potion
Experiemental Healing Potion (Red) Heals 30% of your health, multiple uses. Has a chance of taking your health away instead, but rarely happens. Many. (Rare spawn), Ruin No
Random Potion
Elixir (Metallic with "?" sign) Gives you a random stat buff for a certain amount of time None Yes (Alchemical Metal Special)
Invisible Potion
Invisibility Potion (Blue with white rim) Makes you temporarily invisible to everyone. Avyon Court Yes (Treasure Key Voltage Special)
GoriGoriMeat GoriGori Meat Transforms you into Gori Mackenzie for a set amount of time. (Superarmor not present) Zinja Dojo Yes (Gambler's Strong Hold)


Rocket Ranged Explosive Avyon Court, Story Mission "Missing Intentions", UFO-Challenge Dojo No
CrashBomb Item
Crash Bomb Small Explosive Various stages Yes
FlashBomb Item
Flash Bomb Huge Explosive Military Base Yes
Pomelo Small Explosive None Yes
PumpkinBomb Item
Pumpkin Bomb Small Explosive None Yes
CurseBomb Item
Curse Bomb Curse Explosion Phantom Ship Yes (Pirate Captain Strong Hold)
FloatingMine Item
Floating Mine Small Trigger Explosive None Yes
Trap Mine
Trap Mine Trigger Trap (Cage, Stun, Poison, Crash/Flash spawn) Bafabon's Dungeon No
GhostlyPumpkin Item
Ghostly Pumpkin Small Trigger Explosive None Yes
BarrelBomb Barrel Bomb Small Explosive Roof, Wharf, Remote Stronghold No
VS Missile
Explosive Missile Throwable object, explodes on impact or if held for a period of time Val Shark Factory No
Remote Bomb Explosive Self-set None Yes (Remote Demolisher)

Non-Explosive Trap

ShockTrap Item
Shock Trap Shocks target touching it (but cannot ground pursuit afterwards) None Yes (Optic Trooper Weak Hold)
Reindeerlight Item
Reindeer Lantern Explosive Stun None Yes (Dream Sack Strong Hold)
Curse Reindeer Lantern Explosive Curse None Yes (Despair Sack Strong Hold)
Chest Item
Chest Random reward/trek Trap Most Megaforce Special Missions Yes (Pirate Captain Weak Hold(Chance of Explosion and Trek), Treasure Key(Chance of Trek))
EasterEgg Item
Egg Defensive Buff/Stun Mine None Yes (Easter Basket Strong Hold)
BearTrap Item
BearTrap2 Item
BearTrap3 Item
Bear Trap Trap None Yes (Hunting Tool Strong Hold, Special and Voltage Special)
ArrowTrap Item
Arrow Trap Trap None Yes (Hunting Tool Weak Hold)
Dinosaur Egg Trap None Yes (Ancient Paleontologist Strong Hold)
Vine Trap
Vine Trap Trap None Yes (Ivy Blade Dash Special)


Teleportation Wheel Warper None Yes (Trace Wheel Weak Hold)
Glacial Shield Blocker (Freeze on Impact) None Yes (Glacial Cavalier Weak Hold)
Mini Gazer Summon (Any attack will cause it to be used in that location.) None Yes (Mini Gazer Strong Hold)
Placed Fanflower
Fan Flower Object (Activates on use of Special/Super the second time.) None Yes (Fan flower Special/Super Attack)
Mechanical Arms Summon (Reacts to specific attacks, most notably any Special/Super) Mercenary Solitude Yes (Mechanical Arms Strong Hold/Strong (Held) Jump)
Frost Mirror Summon (Attacks anyone on air, shatters after certain moves/few shots) Northern Empress Yes (Various attacks from Northern Empress)
Security Satellite Summon (Fires anything on air, disappears after a few shot or after a few seconds.) Universal Satellite Yes (Universal Satellite Strong Last Attack)


Old Jar Throwable object Ruin No
Stone Tool Throwable object Ruin No
Huge Wheel Throwable object, multiple uses Train No
Overnight Bag Throwable object, multiple uses Hotel No
Suitcase Throwable object, multiple uses Hotel No
Old Pickle Barrel Throwable object, stuns enemies on impact Zinja No
Flower Pot Throwable object Temple No
Dancing Robot Throwable object, shoots lasers after landing in the ground Club No
Megaphone Throwable object, shocks enemies on impact Club No
Chair Throwable object Parliament
Settlementskull Skull Curse Ancient Settlement No
Bubbly/Smooth Soap Throwable object, knocks enemies in the ground for a small period of time Baths Yes
Bath Chair Throwable object Baths No
Bath Bowl Throwable object Baths No
Golden Olmec Head Small-knockback, explodes to points and win after a single throw None Yes (Alchemical Metal Strong Hold on throwable objects)
Golden Cat Medium-knockback, explodes to points and wins after a set amount of times None Yes (Alchemical Metal Strong Hold on throwable objects)
Golden Pot/Teddy Bear High-knockback, explodes to points and wins after a set amount of times None Yes (Alchemical Metal Strong Hold on throwable objects)
Barrier Item
Barrier 3/4 hit-absorbent wall None Yes (Optic Trooper Strong Hold)
Flaming Boulder Burns and causes small-knockback to players on impact None Yes (Pretty Costume -Dragon- Strong Hold)
Charged rock
Charged Boulder Shocks and causes small-knockback to players on impact, explodes in a shock field that harms players after a while. None Yes (Alchemical Metal Jump Special and Voltage Jump Special)
Ice Block Freezes enemies on impact None Yes (Pretty Costume -Penguin- Weak Hold)
MagicBarrier Item
Magic Barrier 1/4 hit-absorbent wall None Yes (Sealing Staff Strong Hold)
DreamPresent Item
Dream Present Random Buff/Debuff (with chance of infinity weapon buff) None Yes (Dream Sack Weak Hold)
Curse Present Random Debuff (with chance of infinity weapon buff) None Yes (Despair Sack Weak Hold)
GoldenDice Item
Gold Dice Throwable Projectile (Damage vary from dice number) None Yes (Gambler Special)
Snowball L
Large Snowball Throwable Projectile that freeze on impact. (Disappears after two throws or a set amount of time.) None Yes (Cold Forge Strong Hold, if there is no impact.)
Ice Disk
Glacial Circle Frozen Disk (Can be struck in the player's facing direction to move for a limited distance.) None Yes (Diamond Ice Weak Hold, charged version is bigger.)

Stage NPCs

Picture Name  Description Location Comment
Val Goons Waves of Val Omegas, Punchers and Jacks spawning randomly. Elevator
First Emperor Risen King of the dead, hurling poison and curse everywhere with his blade. Royal Tomb After being killed, he drops a chests that might contain Healing Potions, Elixir and Wins
Tough Guard Guard of the Arena, throwing intruders with his buffed Duel Gladias. Arena