This page has informations regarding each meaning towards colors of certain icons, and status effects of each character in battle.

Background icon representation

Picture Color Representation Comment
Style color
Red Style Background
Body background
Blue Skin Customization Background (Body, Face, Head, Decoration), Room Background
Voice background
Dark Blue Voice Background
Accessory background
Orange Accessory Background
Weapon background
Yellow Weapon Background
Material background
Brown Material Background
Core background
Lime Core Background
Dungeon item background
Dark Purple Dungeon Item Background
Usable background
Dark Lime Event/Usable Background
Emoticon background
Purple Emoticon Background
Furniture background
Pink Furniture Background
Actual title background
Green Actual Rank Title Background
Past title background
Grey Past Rank Title Background
Dev background
Red (with black border) Unreleased/BETA Accessory/Skin Background (locked by CS Staff, can't be used or not available.) Introduced after quite a lot of skin with unobtainable skin parts showed up. It will still show as it is even if a GM is using it.

Status Effect representation

Picture Name of Effect Type Effect Caused Comment

Debuff (Common)

Shock Effect
Statis Shock Thunder Debuff Prevents movement, may spread to nearby players Thunder-Type accessory/weapon
Burn Effect
Burn Fire Debuff Throws targets back randomly in a short distance on some, others longer distance. Fire-Type accessory/weapon/effect, flaming explosion.
Freeze Effect
Freeze Ice Debuff Prevents movement. Certain attacks allows you to break free with button mashing. Ice-Type accessory/weapon/effect
Poison Effect
Poison Effect Debuff Reduce HP over time, affects ping rates Poison-inducing Attacks from Accessory or others.
Curse Effect
Curse Effect Debuff Often floats you down, receiving damage Curse-inducing Attacks from Accessory or others.
Stun Effect
Stun Movement Debuff Prevent movement, button mash to clear this effect Stun-inducing Attacks from Accessory, (Super) Harisen
Slow Effect
Slow Movement Debuff Slows your movement down. Slow-inducing Attacks from Accessory, Riotous Thunder has a different debuff effect, showing it as blue with lines as opposed to the regular purple glow.

Debuff (Rare/Exclusive)

ShadowBind Effect
Miasmia Bind Movement Bind Holds you on the ground with Miasmia. Button mash to break free earlier. Chaos Heretic and its inherit.
PresentHold Effect
SuperPresentHold Effect
(Super) Present Explosion Booby Explosive Force you to hold an explosive present that explodes in a while, can toss to others (to reset timing) to have them explode instead. Dream/Despair Sack Reference to Hot Potato due to how it works. Dream Present explodes with fire, whereas Despair Present explodes with curse.
BindCamelia Effect
BindPater Effect
BindWestern Effect
Attack Bind Attack Hinderance Prevents you from attacking at all, can still be countered. Binding Attack from Accessory (Western Holster, Crimson Camellia, Dis Pater) Western Holster Debuff removal can be hastened by mashing attack button.
Debuff weakstat
Stat Remover (Draining appearance) Stat Debuff Temporarily reduce your stat for a certain amount of time. Greed of Mammon, Envious Leviathan, Behemoth's Cultery, Favor of Khonsu Only Favor of Khonsu has a different effect appearance of the debuff.
SkillLock Effect
Skill Lock (Thunder Swirls) Attack Hinderance Locks your attack. Force Remover (Blue - Weak, Red - Strong, Purple - Slow and Special, Black, Everything but weapon)
TimeShockLightning Effect
Static Shock Thunder Debuff Shocks you after a certain amount of time Lightning Arch, Onimaru Blade -Kunitsuna-, Mjolnir, Thunder Crest, Riotous Thunder, Plasma Master
Lightning Shock Thunder Debuff Thunder strikes at you after a certain amount of time, also catching anyone nearby, including the person who gave the debuff. Electric Crest
Reverse Motion (Red Swirl) Movement Debuff Reverse your movement Staff of Falling Blossom and its inherit
SkeletonWeight Effect
Hindering Movement Movement Debuff Some attacks adds weight to your jump, and hinders your dash. Others won't let you jump at all. Demon Skulls, Diabolical Flora, Vicious Truculency Color depends on the accessory used.
DarkEnchanterSpec Effect
Mana Foolis General Debuff Specials consume more MP. Enchanter (M) Special
Debuff spectralflame
Spectral Flame HP reduction Often reduce the health of the afflicted while in this state Spectral Dragon's Talon
BleedBloody Effect
Wound (Dark Red/Bright Orange and Red/Blue Draining appearance) Character Debuff Bleeds Target (Target takes damage for running) Bloody Swell, Crimson Agony, Brutal Conquest, Mischievous Pumpkin, Vibrant Virtuoso Strigoi Ascutis, Blood Storage Vibrant Virtuoso's red paint causes bleed, for unknown reasons.
Gift of Heartbreak "Valentine" Heartbreaker Reduce damage received by target taking the 'gift'. Also removes more MP with "Kiss". (The afflicted will take more damage from the one who caused the de-buff.) Heartbreak Candy Bag, Salted Honey Bag Purple Heart Icon can be seen on both caster and target, regardless of bag.
"Kiss" MP Remover Reduce MP at anyone being kissed. Heartbreak Candy Bag, Salted Honey Bag
Lunatic Confusion No Damage Prevents any damage dealt towards the caster while under this state. (But caster can still hurt the affected player.) Lunatic Tears
Debuff Provoke
Evil Provocation Damage Increase Cause the target to receive more damage even when guarding against attacks. Exousia Power
Slime Covering Reduction Slowly burns MP from the afflicted target. Biotic Incubator Same as regular Slow, except slightly slower.
Sticky Slime Movement Redcution Reduces target's JMP stat as long as the slime is still within. Biotic Incubator
Webbed Weighted Feet Reduce JMP Stat by 0.5 temporarily. Viscious Truculency The effect can stack, further reducing the victim's jumping distance.
Debuff petrification
Petrification No motion Turns the player into a stone with an 'attacked' appearance. If petrified on air, the player takes another damage after the stone effect shatters on ground contact. Gorgoneion Night
Weaken Stat Debuff Decrease all stat of affected character. Enchanter (M) Weak Hold Attack
Darkness Aura Stat Debuff (Long) Decrease all stat of affected character for a very long time. Favor of Khonsu
Targeted Miasmia Targeted All nearby roaming hounds will immediately target the player. Vindictive Rrhar'il
Debuff rose
Rose Bundle? Hinderance Player is forced to hold the rose bundle, which will attract ugly-faced beauties that sends shivers down their spine, cursing them thereafter Heartful Cupid
Mushroom-d Explosive Spores After a few seconds of infection, the mushroom explodes, leaving a gas-tly gas around. Diseased Mushroom
Fear Hatred Interference Interferes with the Special/Super attack. Also suspectable to extra damage by the special/super of Vengeance Spiral. Vengeance Spiral. A full stack of the debuff completely locks the ability to use it until it dissipates.
Debuff prickled
Prickled Feet 'Stun' Stepping on a spiked item, forcing the player to roll on the ground with a 'pricked feet', leaving them open to any attacks. Thorny Chestnut
Hell Chain Hinderance Within a radius, it grabs the nearest players and binds them for a few seconds. Layer of Yggdrasil Unlike the debuff inflicted by Chaos Heretic, this debuff cannot be mashed out.

Buff (Common)

PotionBoostSpeed Effect
Speed Boost Speed Buff Boost SPD by 1 Speed Potion Has the same posture as that of Invisibility Potion.
PotionBoostStrength Effect
Strength Boost Strength Buff Boost STR by 1 Strength Potion, Aquarius' Strong Hold
HealingBlue Effect
HealingGreen Effect
Heal Recovery Heals yourself. Health Potion, or certain accessory attacks
Revival Effect
Angelic Revival Ring Out Penalty Avoidance Prevents any health reduction on ring out. Revival Rod, Angelic Ring (Not visible), Dream Sack

Buff (Rare/Exclusive)

VoltageBoost Effect
Voltage Boost Instant Voltage Immediately grants you with Voltage boost, enabling Super Attacks. Dream Sack, Enchanter (F)
Buff jump sublime
Buff jump rabbit
Jump Boost Boost Adds an extra jump or two, allowing overall jump past the two. Sublime Gladius, Fancy Rabbit
CounterBomb Effect
CounterLance Effect
CounterReversal Effect
Instant Counter Auto Counter Immediately counters attack once hit. Has large Invisiframe. Lance of Falling Blossom, Reversal Bracelet, Bomber Gear, Vainglorious Lucifer Both Lance of Falling Blossom and Bomber Gear's counter only functions towards certain element attack (Wind and Fire respectively).
InfinityWeapon Buff
Infinity Weapon (Orange Glow, sparkling effect on weapon section) Weapon Buff Use weapons without any cost or waiting. Dream/Despair Sack Weak Hold, rare chance
Mana Wise General Buff Reduces MP consumption of specials. Enchanter (F) Special
OneHitProtectChaos Effect
OneHitProtectChess Effect
Buff onehit strigoi
One Hit Protection Character Buff Protects you for 1 attack Chess Kingdom, Chaos Heretic, Sleight of Shinobi, Strigoi Ascutis
SuperArmorMega Effect
SuperArmorValiant Effect
Super Armor Character Buff Temporarily gives you superarmor. Guard Shell of Stone Tortoise, Valiant Shield, Mega Guard
KB Barrier
Knockback Immunity Character Buff Temporarily makes you immune to being knocked down or away. (Can still flinch, however.) Sacrosanct Spear
Awakened State Attack Boost Unsheath/Awakens/Activates the power within the blade accessory, giving more power at the cost of HP/MP per use/time. Otenta Blade -Mitsuyo-, Doujigiri Blade -Yasutsana-, Onimaru Blade -Kunitsuna-, Dáinsleif, Bloody Swell, Tausned Söldner, Cruel Mortar, Diamond Ice
PowerBuffAquarius Effect
Power Drink Boost Increase Attack. The Zodiac -Aquarius-
Unfurled Sin State Change Either at certain Health or after doing certain requirements, changes the battle state of the Sinful accessory, making their attacks different. Belphegor's Horn (Low HP), Satanic Glimpse (Low HP), Envious Leviathan (Stolen one stat and using it once), Vainglorious Lucifer (Low HP) Beelzebub's Cloak and Greed of Mammon are the only accessory without any State change.
You are literally invisible. Aside from cloak, there's no possible screenshot to showcase. Invisibility Hiding Hides your visibility from everyone but yourself, even your allied teammate can't see you. Midnight Ruler, Swift Snatcher, MF-AR2, Sleight of Shinobi, Gossamer Tempest, Invisibility Potion Player can still target the target in this state.
MPRecoverAquarius Effect
MP Recovery Recovery Recovers your MP The Zodiac -Aquarius-, MP-attack accessory Only Aquarius can recover other player.
Kiss MP Recovery 'Transfers' your MP to another player. Valentine Candy Bag, Sweet Honey Bag
Rage Boost Increase Attack with certain actions performed for a limited time. Alastor's Rage, War Halberd -Ares-
Brightened State Change Brightens the attack with more variant. Gleaming Ring
Buff Metallic
Buff accchange basalt
Buff heatedblade burningblossom
Heated Blade Improved Damage/Attack Change Increase damage dealt to foe, or allowing more variant of attacks. Metallic Hawk, Burning Blossom, Emblazoned Halberd, Basalt Claymore
Blood State Change Cause you to be able to bleed foes after triggering a certain event (losing a few HP/dealing enough hits for a limited time) Crimson Agony, Brutal Conquest
Buff shockshield riotousthunder
Status Shield Character Buff Inflicts certain state of debuff at the first foe that hits you with a regular melee attack. Does not actually protect you from the attack, however. Riotous Thunder (Static Shock)
Stat Booster Stat Buff Increase the specific stat of the player. Greed of Mammon, Envious Leviathan, Favor of Khonsu Only Favor of Khonsu has a different effect appearance of the buff.
Reinforce Stat Buff Increase all stat of affected character. Enchanter (F) Weak Hold Attack
Moonlight Aura Stat Buff (Long) Increase all stat of affected character for a very long time. Favor of Khonsu


Gravitydown Effect
Gravityup Effect
Gravity Weight/Loose Jump Effect Makes your jump either longer, or shorter by gravity effect. Gravity Bracelet
TransformKeltom Effect
TransformMeeya Effect
TransformVerteKeltom Effect
Transmogrify Temporary Transform Changes you to another being, whether intentionally or not. Miracle Transforming Stick, Midnight Ruler, Nidhoggr's Flower, Black Rain, Ouas Scepter, Succubus' Charm, Vertebral Blade, Baldander's Demon Staff, Ghastly Colossus, GoriGori Meat, Rune Javelin, Layer of Yggdrasil
Accessory-Mogrify Changes the accessory you are holding to a weaker/other variant of the accessory inflicted from the player, whether intentionally or not. Green Onion, Aeshma Asmoedus
Gift of Love "Valentine" Lover Temporary prevents certain form of damage to the person given gift by. Also increase "MP Transfer" via Kiss. Valentine Candy Bag, Sweet Honey Bag Heart Icon can be seen on both caster and target. Valentine Candy Bag prevent any harming from each other, whereas Sweet Honey Bag prevents any harming from the surrounding source aside from themselves.
Bastion Land Land Creation Land acts as a temporary hinderance for all player but the one who casted it. Layer of Yggdrasil

Transmogrified Character

Picture Monster Available Attack Caused Comment
Meeya (Normal / Blood / Dark) Weak (Attacks on contact in front) and Strong (Attempts to grab) Ouas Scepter (Special/Super Jump), Succubus Charm (Weak Hold) Some may move with feminine movement.
Keltom (Normal/Mic) Weak (Sword Slice) and Strong (Skull throw) Midnight Ruler (Jumping Special/Super), Nidhoggr's Flower (Standing Super)
Keltom (Accessory-inflicted) Weak (Spine Slice/??/??) and Strong (Rib grab) Vertebral Blade (Standing Special/Super, holding a dagger variant of it), Rune Javelin (Keltom Phantom from Standing Special/Super, holding the same javelin), Layer of Yggdrasil (knocked into the land of hell from Jump Special/Super, shacked and chained)
Goblin 'Moveset explained in accessory' Baldanders' Demon Staff (Standing Special)
Keltom Lord
X Initery Baldanders' Demon Staff (Standing Super)
Omusa Dragoon
Miracle Girl Miracle Transforming Stick (Strong Hold)
Madness Mutation Black Rain (Weak Hold) (Explanation soon)
Creature X Ghastly Colossus (Standing Special/Super)
Gori Mackenzie Weak (Quick Punches), Strong (Heavy Slamming) standing Attack. Strong Dash Attack, Standing Special/Super Attack. GoriGori Meat Does not possess Super Armor.