A sword that received the divine protection of Valkyries in the past. Even now a bit of power remains, protecting the wielder from calamity!

Style Equipable
All Styles
Moveset Name Battle Talisman
Attack with Talisman Blade
Inherit Name Battle Mercy
DEF+1 -
Attack Command Attack Name Effect Additional Properties
Strong Combo Level Blade Swings the blade horizontally.
Strong Last Rising Strike Swings the blade vertically, launching those hit. Hits twice.
Strong Dash Trace Strike Swings the blade horizontally, pushing those hit.
Strong Jump Moon Point Swings the blade diagonally downward, pushing back anyone hit.
Strong Hold Pressure Strike Forcefully swings the blade, launching a wave of energy forward.
Standing Special/Super Circle/Spiral Point Spins, performing several horizontal slashes and downing those hit. Super does more hits.
Counter Reprisal Strike Horizontal slash, downing those hit.