Dojo one of the first five locations available when new players are getting introduced into the game.


In the Dojo, players can train themselves through different Challenge Trainings, Rival Matches, or just go for some normal Practice.

Challenge Training

These challenges are useful to train their combat skills under different circumstances, and learn some of the basic mechanics of the game. Most of these challenges are unlocked by achieving a new rank.



Rank Requirement



Beat the ROU-4! ROU-4 (Target) Driller
  • 500 Score
  • 5 Toy Hammer
Beat the running ROU-4 ROU-4 (Run) (Target)
  • Battle Axe x1 (Repeated)
NPC always run away from you.
ROU-4 on UFO UFO x4, ROU-4 (UFO) (Target)
  • ? Score
  • Crash Bomb x5
  • Crash Bomb x1 (Repeated)
NPC only hurt by bomb.
A pair of ROU-4 ROU-4 (Big) (Target), ROU-4 (Small) (Target) Both NPC will immediately revive/max HP if both are not defeated in time.
The Great Escape ROU-4 (Horn) (Target) Avoid it until time runs out.
Which one is real? ROU-4 (Fake)x4, ROU-4 (Real) (Target)
  • Amped Frisbee x1 (Repeated)
Real one will often poof and spawn other Fakes. Fakes defeated at 1-hit until Real is defeated.
Robot Panic ROU-4 (Stealth) (Target)
  • Tomahawk x1 (Repeated)
ROU-4 will often poof to other place.
Mine Heaven ROU-4 (Mine) (Target) ROU-4 is superarmored and is immune to Mines.
5 Win Battle, Vol.1
  • Val Head
  • Val Jack
  • Val Puncher
  • Val Head, Simon
  • Gozarofu (Target)
  • 500 Score
  • 5 Toy Hammer
5 Win Battle Vol.2
  • Guts
  • Van Rajni
  • Hood George
  • Big Gen
  • Yashako, Mighty(Target)
5 Win Battle Vol.3
  • Bichiruma
  • Margaret
  • Omusa Pink
  • ManiMani
  • Puripuna, Jorondo (Target)
  • (? Score)
  • Rapier x10
  • Rapier x1 (Repeated)
5 Win Battle Vol.4
  • Omusa Blue
  • Omusa Black
  • Omusa Red (Target)
  • Omusa Yellow, Omusa Pink
  • 5 of the Omusa (Target)
5 Win Battle Vol.5
  • William
  • Donky
  • Jorondo
  • Gyabon, Boboi
  • Dimon, Kenbo, Colonel Murder (Target)
  • 5,000 Score
  • Bazooka x5
  • Bazooka x1 (Repeated)
5 Win Battle Vol.6
  • Apprentice
  • Apprentice, Van Rajni
  • Jacky Noboru
  • Bon Seagal
  • Apprentice x2, Master Saga (Target)
  • 6,000 Score
  • Grenade Launcher x5
  • Grenade Launcher x1 (Repeat)
5 Win Battle Vol.7
  • Sparks, Linda Bobo
  • Big Gen, Hood George, Mighty
  • Mike, Johnny Dan
  • Fabrico
  • Red Bull (Target)
UFO! [Encounter] UFO x5 (Target) Driller 10x Missile, only way to destroy UFO.
UFO! [Array] UFO x5 (Target) 10x Missile, only way to destroy UFO. Moves in random horizontal position.
UFO! [Formation] UFO x5 (Target) 10x Missile, only way to destroy UFO. Moves in random position.

Rival Match






Practice with the Master Master Saga (Practice) Driller
  • 500 Score
  • 1 Brass Knuckles
Match against Master Master Saga (Normal) (Rank), completed "Practice with the Master".
Master with hidden skills Master Saga (Normal, Awakened) (Rank), completed "Match against Master".
Against Dolores! Dolores Double Fighter 1, pay 100 Win to Dolores in GAT.
  • Battle Hoop x1 (Repeated)
Features a exclusive stage.
Revenge of Dolores! Dolores (Rapier Dash) (Rank), completed "Against Dolores!", pay 200 Win to Dolores in GAT.
  • Rapier x1 (Repeated)
Features a exclusive stage.
Duel! Against Dolores! Dolores (Combat Set) (Rank), completed "Revenge of Dolores!", pay 500 Win to Dolores in GAT.
  • Rapier x2 (Repeated)
Features a exclusive stage.
Exercise with Noboru! Jacky Noboru (Practice) (Rank), completed "Against Dolores!"
  • Brass Knuckles x1 (Repeated)
Battle with Noboru! Jacky Noboru (Rank), completed "Exercise with Noboru!"
  • Nyoi Stick x1 (Repeated)
Noboru's Revenge Fight Greater Noboru (Rank), completed "Battle with Noboru!"
  • Rapier x2 (Repeated)
Fight with Bon Seagal Bon Seagal
  • Energy Saber x1 (Repeated)
Against Bon Seagal! Bon Seagal (Rank), completed "Fight with Bon Seagal"
Revenge! Bon Seagal! Bon Seagal (Darkness) Rank), completed "Against Bon Seagal!"
Fabrico's Training Fabrico Single Champion Rank
  • ? Score
  • Meteo Rock x5
  • Meteo Rock x1 (Repeated)
Jorondo's Rondo Gray Ponte, Ushimaru, Jorondo Single Fighter, talk to Jorondo in Spin Square and choose to fight her.
  • Crash Bomb x1 (Repeated)
Mike's Weapon Mike Single Warrior
  • 1000 Score
  • Shotgun x5
  • Shotgun x1 (Repeated)

Practice Mode

Players can practice with their accessory and combos while in Dojo with any AI they have found during their recent battles at both Megaforce and UFA. Each NPC defeated may give you a day's extension worth.

They can also switch off several skills temporarily, including inherits and awakened skills, by clicking on the said name twice.

Party Dojo

You also can have other players with you in Dojo. While in a Party, look for the dojo icon in your Party List.

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