Battle Arena overview

Battle Arena is an "One on One" stage not yet available in GA2 USA, but has appeared in other servers. Its a large square-shaped map with rounded corners, surrounded by nothing but death pits on the outer ring.


This map is intended strictly for One-Versus-One Fight maps similar to club, and does not appear in Deathmatch, any Dogfights or Guild Battles. Unlike the Club map, the Arena match has three rounds and 500 seconds of play time.

At the start of every match, each team will have one member, randomly picked by the system to jump into the battle arena, while the other members watches in spectator mode. Everytime a respective member of that team has been defeated, the next member picked by random will replace that KO'd player, and will have a short invincibility upon entering the ring.

After 250 second is left however, every other remaining player that are still alive will automatically jump out from their waiting pillar and joins in the fray. They too will have short invincibility before they becomes vulnerable to any attacks.


  • This map has been used for several Megaforce Missions, mainly Linda's mission, and Zenjiro's first mission.