In Login screen, there are two modes you can play as offline mode, or with a remote network as other characters.

This mode features official characters from GetAmped2 Wingdom, each batch with their own mini storyline.


These characters are playable in their own difficulty, and once defeated, can't be replayed until all 4 are defeated. Should the player decides to replay the same character at the next stage, he/she will start off at the current HP the character was in at the previous stage.

Due to the nature of how its played for each character, the weapons used are currently infinite, meaning even if its under recharge, they can be used over and over. Each story line starts off with 3 Resurrection Ticket as well.

Characters Accessory (JP/Old) Accessory (TW) Accessory (Others) Weapon Style Comment


Dolores Jeanne Chevalier Jyuzu-maru -Kanetsurgu-* Areadbhar Rapier Fighter Has "Rapier Dash" ability.
Yashako Artemis Arrow Umbrella (Savage Moon)*` Hexenmesser Throwing Knife Spy Her Standing (normal and voltage) Special uses "Dolores Doll" Standing Special ability.
General Raizo Guard Shell of Stone Tortoise Mighty Fang of Water Blue Dragon Beelzebub Cloak Wild Club Knight Last C and Dash C are modified.
Dr. Diaper Full Metal Walker (Energized)*` Mysterious Medicine (Cannot use weapon) Psychic Only appears at the final mission; starts off permanently in robot mode (Cannot use Weak Hold).


Jacky Noboru Red Dragon Tonfa` Nunchak of Gale` Bladed Flames -Seishin-` Rod Fighter Has "Fire Dragon Fist" ability.
Sparks Thunder Tambourine Bladed Flames -Seishin-` Catena Pluto` 3-way Knife Spy Her Weak Run attack is "Acrobat" ability.
Zenjiro Secret Case` Ignition Chaser*` Golden Cudgel of the Sky` Space Gun Fighter Zen's Strong Attack finishes with a camera snapshot.
Mike Davis GF Peacekeeper` Graviton Cannon` Metal Armstrong` Machine Gun Soldier Strong and Weak Run (finisher) attacks ends with him firing Napalm Grenade from his Grenade Launcher.


Bafabon Heaven God Hand Lichten Warter Duel Gladias Sword Knight Does not have "Warrior Dash" ability. Special is  similar to Heaven's God Hand special (Not counting Duel Gladias).
Red Bull Isa Niflheimr` Gigantic Arms Tyranstahl Bazooka Soldier His counter has rapid, yet slow, knuckle punches.
Fabrico Justice Cape (Purple) White Tiger Icicle Claw Photon Extender Light Saber Hero Has strong knockback with Weak attacks.

His Voltage Special are barrages of aerial explosions, ending with an ice drop. (consumes half of total MP)

Linda Bobo Twin Detonator MF-AR2` Twin Detonator (Gospel) 3-way Knife Spy Her Weak dash and finisher ends with two pistol firing towards.

.* = Character's Style normally would not be able to use this accessory.

` = Nature of the character's ability prevents the full use of it.

Story Mode

Note: Unlike the current version, boss does not show their purple bar at the top of the screen.






01 Howard Backstreet (Pre-Dusk)
02 Circula (Succubus old name) Underground Cave (Resident of Silence) Suegrip (Cyclops) appears at the far end of the stage.
03 Assassin Red (Omusa Red), Laboratory Assassin Pink (Omusa Pink) appears at the same time as boss.
04 Omusa Dragon Space Station Boss appears smaller than original, and doesn't fire laser.


01 Riadeco Backstreet
02 Armed Guy (Colonel Murder) Temple
03 Super Guy (Boboi) Hotel
04-A Horn Guy (Digital Satan) Elevator
04-B Dangerous Guy (Dangerous Bob) VAL Shark Base Follows up immediately after the previous, starts off with the character and HP he/she was previously in.


01 Mysterious Magician (Sorcerer Ponse) Spin Square
02 Legendary One-eyed Giant (Cyclops, different attack pattern) Hotel
03 None Ruin Gokeltom and Ancient Ice Monster (Skeleton Warlock) appears in second (last) wave.
04 Avatar of Darkness (Great Ammonus) Shrine
05 Ancient Evil (Brimstone Empress Caitiis) Dungeon (Bewitching Fire)