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This list denotes which Year the accessories were released. All Year Releases were made from Japanese Server in chronological order (With some exceptions).

Core Accessories are not covered here. For their list, click here.

Server Exclusive

Icon Name Type (De)Buffs Stat Reliance Comment

Dev Exclusive (Non-obtainables)

Icon Name Comment
Blank Gigandroff Wings (No official name) GMs had equipped this accessory on the April Fools 2011 [1] There are only two moveset, and none of the two have official names.
Elemental Bangle Shadow Shadow Elemental Bangle (No official name) Dalix is seen using this accessory. Aside from some difference, possess the same Standing Special as the original, except it has infinite range and only stays for shorter time period.
Placeholder Demon Horns (No official name) Digital Ogre, Digital Demon and Dangerous Boboi are seen using this accessory. They behaves like Beginner Badge/Ribbon however (i.e no skills in the accessory)
Full Metal Walker Full Metal Walker (Energized) A special variation of the Full Metal Walker that doesn't get destroyed after taking damage, only used by Dr.Diaper. In LAN Mode, Dr.Diaper can use emotions while on the robot, when is not possible in normal gameplay.